Home Safety Videos

After spending all morning watching safety videos, we have picked out our top 3.

Below you can find and see how to protect your home. No need for it to be ransacked because you decided to be careless.

Number 1 –

For some people this stuff may seem like common sense. But you would be surprised just how many people screw up simple fireproof methods.

Number 2 –

Preventing falls at home is also really important. When living with an elderly member of your family, it is crucial that you take care of them.

Watching this video and deciding what to do and how to prevent these terrible events is truly the meaning of living in a safe home.

Number 3 –

A great video from the security council. we high recommend this video. May not be as important as the last two videos, but still very important. Check it out, there is a lot to be learned.

Closing Out

Well, you’ve just finished watching all 3 videos. You are now that much more ready for any kind of terrible scenarios that make occur. Enjoy your new found knowledge.


Understanding the Risks of Low Quality Safes

A lot of people have seen safes in their lives before. Those white little microwave looking boxes in every hotel room, the big black box in the back of your Grandpa’s closet. Those are safes. Heavy duty, usually fully steel boxes for you to store stuff in.

Why do people buy these? Well, to put it simply, it’s to protect items that they have deemed valuable. Your Grandpa worked all his life to be comfortable. He has a stack of cash that he buys all of you Grand kids candy when you were young, and now helps you financially with other stuff.

When he’s not using the cash, he tosses it in the safe. Why? Well, as said earlier he earned that cash. And should someone be terrible enough to break in to an elder’s home, they won’t be able to steal the cash. And thus your Grandpa has justified the purpose of that big black box.

So What Are Some Down Sides Then?

Simply put, not every company cares that you are storing belongings that you wouldn’t ever let in harm’s way. They are simply trying to make a profit off of you, and you need to be weary of this.

Never ever buy a second hand safe. Always go new. If you buy new and go with a reputable brand, there is a good chance you can land yourself a top of the line warranty. Should the safe malfunction, you will be able to have it replaced in no time.

Especially if you buy online.

The online marketplace is huge for security. And nobody has really got a firm grasp on the marketplace just yet. This means that every company wants your dollar, and right now are putting in place high quality systems to make sure you are full protected for years to come.

Sounds complicated, but we would recommend a post like this one to sort through the junky safes and only deal with the highest quality ones.

Some Features You Should Make Sure A Safe Has

Every safe should have these following features. It is important that you pay close attention here. You do not want to pay top dollar for a safe that does not come with an industry feature. You are shooting yourself in the foot by doing this and not spending wisely.

• Flood protection
• Fire protection
• Burglary protection

We’re sure most of you already have heard of all three. Just because a brand recommends their safe and says that it is durable for all three of those fronts, does not mean it actually is.

A brand Barska is great because they have biometric technology implemented into their safes. Tough to crack. But they have sometimes reported to not be the best in waterproof resistance. It’s just how it is. Do your due diligence.

Barska Safe

Read, Read, & Then Read Some More

There is so much knowledge to be soaked up on the internet that you’re really doing yourself a disservice in not taking the time to read. Anything you want to learn about has been written about on the internet.

It’s crazy really.

You want to learn how to make rocket ships, have no fear, there’s a YouTube video on it. Want to learn how to comb your cat’s hair? Again, have no fear, it’s there.

Just take some time out of your day, and get started. Just read. You’ll be amazed at what you learn, and all of the companies of the world cheap little tactics to get your dollar out of your hand and into their wallet.